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  • Streamlining publication - F1000Research and Overleaf

    Posted by John on February 13, 2014

    Today marks the launch of F1000Research Article Collections. Fourteen new articles based upon open source biological visualisation components which comprise the start of the BioJS Collection.

    We're pleased to have been able to support this initiative - the BioJS Collection articles were written, submitted, checked and edited using Overleaf, which combines the Rich Text writeLaTeX editor with our new editorial review system, first announced earlier this year.

    We're working with F1000Research to make the publication process as simple and streamlined as possible for authors and editors alike, through our online collaboration platform. Once an author has submitted their manuscript through writeLaTeX, an editor from F1000Research can quickly add comments and make tracked changes:

    Writelatex Overleaf editorial review comments

    The author can be notified immediately once the editorial team has finished the pre-publication check, and they can then access the updated document to make changes or respond with additional comments.

    Because the authors and editorial team are all using the same system - they're effectively collaborating on same the document - the whole editorial review process can take place much more rapidly.

    “The integration of Overleaf into our editorial workflow enabled the swift processing of the authors' manuscripts for our first article collection and simplified the procedure for our pre-publication checks. The feedback we’ve had from authors is that the system is very simple and easy to use – one author tweeted ‘article submitted with just a couple of clicks #awesome’. “

    Karen Rowlett, Managing Editor at F1000Research

    An F1000Research Article Collection is a compilation of articles relating to a specific community, institution, academic society or conference. Each collection is citable, and can be personalized for the relevant community it serves. Articles in a collection are individually citable and are also included in the main body of F1000Research content. To find out more, please visit their blog post about the launch.

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