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  • WriteLaTeX for Education

    Posted on April 2, 2013

    Following requests from a number of our users, we've put together a short page describing some neat ways you can use writeLaTeX as a teacher or lecturer with a class full of students.

    At the simplest level, you can create links to open your TeX resources (such as assignments or course notes) in writeLaTeX. Here's an example we prepared earlier: Open this homework assignment

    Clicking on the link creates a new document in writeLaTeX using your file as a template, so all your students get their own version to work on.

    You can style these links just as you would any normal html link - below we use a screenshot of the document to give the student an idea of what they'll see when they click:

    Homework template screenshot

    You can also embed these links in your course slides - for a great illustration of how this works, see our free online Introduction to LaTeX course, originally given at Bristol University by our very own Dr John Lees-Miller.

    The possibilities for educational use don't stop there - writeLaTeX offers much more than simply the ability to open and edit your LaTeX files online. For example, if your students are completing homework assignments and projects, you'll probably want give marks and feedback. A basic free solution is to use the todonotes package - check out the example below to see how it works:

    Homework template screenshot

    To bring this all together, we can create a personalized Teacher's Portal for you as part of our Teams Account. This will enable you to track & review their submissions quickly and easily, and let them create protected documents for their individual assignments.

    For more information, check out the new WriteLaTeX for Education page today, or get in touch.

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