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  • We're going to LeWeb! Overleaf by writeLaTeX presenting in 'The Future of Science' session

    Posted on November 28, 2014
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    We're excited to announce that Overleaf has been selected as part of the innovative 'Future of Science' session at LeWeb next month! WriteLaTeX co-founder Dr John Lees-MIller will be there to present the latest on Overleaf - our collaborative writing and publishing platform that is making it easier for scientists to create and share their research around the world.

    Founded in 2004 by French entrepreneurs Loïc and Geraldine Le Meur, LeWeb is an internationally-renowned conference for digital innovation where visionaries, startups, tech companies, brands and leading media converge to explore today’s hottest trends and define the future of internet-driven business.

    On December 9 at LeWeb, 15 of the world’s most exciting science & research startups will present in a session entitled Axon@LeWeb, and we're delighted to see many familiar faces in the line up, including Sparrho (with whom we recently hosted OpenCon 2014: London), Kudos, Standard Analytics and The Winnower. It's great to be part of such a diverse group who are, in the words of the session organizers, "all building tools that change how we do research, that help the best minds of our generations work more efficiently, that accelerate the progress of knowledge."

    Checkout the full list of fifteen startups here, and do let us know if you're going to LeWeb and would like to meet for a coffee and a chat!

    About Overleaf

    Overleaf is a collaborative writing and publishing system that makes the whole process of producing academic papers much quicker for both authors and publishers. Developed by the writeLaTeX team and now with over 150,000 users worldwide, it aims to make science and research faster, more open and more transparent by bringing the whole scientific process into one place, from idea to writing to review to publication.

    Find out more and give Overleaf a try today.

    About Dr John Lees-Miller

    John Lees-Miller photo

    John is co-founder of writeLaTeX, a London-based startup and social enterprise that builds modern collaborative authoring tools for scientists to help make science faster, more open and more transparent.

    Before starting writeLaTeX, he did a PhD in engineering mathematics on how to operate fleets of driverless cars efficiently, and he helped design and build the world's first driverless taxi system, the Heathrow Pod, at London's Heathrow Airport.

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