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    Posted by Ryan on November 18, 2016

    Overleaf connects to many journals and repositories to streamline the publishing process.

    If you're looking for more information on how to submit your project to the Overleaf Gallery, you can find that in this related blog post.

    Submit to one of our publishing partners

    Overleaf Publish Menu Modal Window

    You can quickly and efficiently submit your work to one of our partners. Simply open the journals and services menu from any Overleaf project and follow the 'Submit to ...' link to submit your work to one of our partners.

    What happens next depends on your choice of destination for your work:

    • For submissions to figshare, you will first need to link your free figshare account to your Overleaf account. Your work will then be exported into your figshare account as a draft, which you can then publish after the addition of an further metadata or tags you wish to include.
    • For submissions to any of the journals listed in the Journals and Services menu, follow the instructions to submit your project.
      • Some journals require you to download files, and provide a link to the journal's submission system:
        Download Overleaf project for submission
      • Select publishers have a direct submission link, which will pass the files to the journal’s submission system without needing to download anything:
        Direct submissions from Overleaf

    Many of our publishing partners also provide official templates on Overleaf, which open in a co-branded editor and contain article preparation and submission instructions tailored to that journal or repository. You can find a full list of our current publishing partners here.

    To get started simply create a new paper or browse through our template gallery. If you'd like to see more journals and repositories featured in our journals and services menu, please let us know.

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