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  • LanguageTool—a free browser add-on to check your grammar and spelling

    Posted on May 27, 2021

    Guest blog post by Daniel Naber, co-founder of LanguageTool.

    Would you like to have your grammar and spelling checked directly in Overleaf? No problem! LanguageTool is a browser extension that does exactly that!

    LanguageTool is your best friend when it comes to checking your text wherever you’re typing. It not only checks English but also many other languages such as German, Russian, Spanish, French, Polish etc. You can download the browser add-on for Firefox, Chrome, Edge and Safari—for free!

    After installing the add-on, you'll see grammar suggestions highlighted directly in the Overleaf editor. For each highlight, the add-on will then list possible problems it found in the selected text and provide suggestions and explanations.

    LanguageTool Overleaf plugin The LanguageTool browser add-on being used in the Overleaf editor

    You can automatically replace the incorrect word by clicking on the suggestion, and you're done!

    You can also use the LanguageTool add-on outside of the Overleaf editor, on many other web sites where you can check your text without having to highlight it beforehand. Head to to find out more!

    Finally, this update to the LanguageTool add-on to provide support for Overleaf users is still in beta; we'd very much appreciate any feedback or suggestions. Thanks!

    Editors Note: This blog post was originally posted on March 20th 2018, to highlight the original LanguageTool add-on which supported for Overleaf v1 (retired in 2019). It's been updated on May 27th 2021 to refer to the updated LanguageTool add-on which now provides support for Overleaf v2.

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