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  • Back to School 2021

    Posted by Ryan on September 3, 2021

    As I write this in Charlottesville, Virginia, temperatures are still above 90F/32C, but believe it or not, the fall term is upon us here in the US. The Overleaf Support team has put together some Back to School suggestions to help your school year get off on the right foot.

    Keep your account up to date

    Take a moment to make sure your Overleaf account has the correct email address associated with it. Visit your User Settings page to add or remove email addresses. You can have multiple email addresses associated with your Overleaf account, and you can easily switch between them. If you have questions about switching schools, changing your email address, or otherwise modifying your account, we have lots of information about managing your account in this help article.

    Overleaf Account Settings gif

    If you’ve forgotten your password over the summer, our password reset form is at

    Take a look at our latest templates

    There are thousands of templates available on Overleaf to help you get started. Visit our template gallery at, or find a template when you click the New Project button in your dashboard.

    Do your homework assignments on Overleaf

    If you’re a teacher, you can use Overleaf to distribute assignments. Create a project, and distribute the read-only link to your class. Each student can create their own copy of the project for their work.

    Overleaf Project Sharing gif

    If you’re a student and need to turn in homework, you can also use link sharing, and provide the link to your instructor. You can also download your project files or a PDF for sharing.

    Get help

    We have a wealth of resources to help you, whether you’re brand new to Overleaf, or have been using it for years. Our Learn pages include answers to your commonly asked questions, best practices, and even in-depth technical articles. To learn more about the help we offer, please see our Support Policy.

    We also offer live and recorded webinars at Whether you’re a brand new user, or a power user, the webinars are full of useful tips and demos. Each webinar includes time for Q&A with a member of the Support team. Recordings are available after the event.

    You can also check out Dr. Trefor Bazett’s YouTube channel for LaTeX tutorials using Overleaf.


    Need more invited collaborators? Want to link with Dropbox? Your Overleaf account can be upgraded to activate premium features; this is usually through joining or starting a subscription, either individually or as part or a group or institutional license.

    You can find details of our individual and group subscriptions on our Plans & Pricing page, and a list of subscribing institutions can be found here. You can also activate certain premium features through our bonus programme.

    Welcome back to school, and please get in touch if you need any assistance.

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