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  • New feature: Find symbols quicker with our new Symbol Palette for premium users

    Posted by Lois and Paulo on November 10, 2021

    Have you ever tried to look for a symbol to use in your LaTeX document? It might be quite the adventure! But fear not, we’ve got your back with a brand new feature!

    We have exciting news to share with you this week: we are releasing a symbol palette in Overleaf as a part of our premium subscriptions! This will help you quickly find commonly used symbols, and will also tell you which packages you need to use them. Now you can be even more productive when writing your documents and collaborating with colleagues!

    Let’s jump right into action! This new feature looks like this:

    The symbol palette

    Nice and easy! You can learn more about how our symbol palette works in detail on our help page Using the Symbol Palette in Overleaf.

    How did we decide on this new feature? Story time! We noticed that our most visited wiki page was the List of Greek letters and math symbols, and were inspired to help our users find symbols without ever having to leave their document… so the symbol palette started to take shape. We reviewed other symbol pickers and evaluated several options before we came up with the idea of a keyboard that becomes part of the editor. The keyboard is triggered by the 𝛀 icon at the top of the editor. We tested this idea with our Beta users and the feedback was great, so here we are!

    Symbol palette icon

    We are releasing the symbol palette for users on premium plans. If you’d like to try it, you can start a free 7-day trial. We still have discounted plans to help everyone work from home in 2021, check them out here.

    We hope you like the symbol palette. If you have any feedback, you can either fill in the symbol palette survey or get in touch with our friendly support team. Enjoy!

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