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  • Overleaf Server Pro 3.4.0 is now available

    Posted by Paulo on January 11, 2023

    We’re pleased to announce that Overleaf Server Pro 3.4.0 is now available!

    This release includes database migrations. Please back up your database before upgrading.

    This update brings general performance and stability improvements to the application, along with many small improvements and bug fixes. It also introduces the following features and changes:

    • New environment variable SHARELATEX_STATUS_PAGE_URL can be set to a custom status page URL. This URL is displayed when the site is closed for maintenance and on 500 errors.
    • Drop limit for output.pdf requests. This should mitigate errors compiling a project several times in a short time.
    • Memory management improvements during file upload process. These changes reduce pressure on the disk from fewer IO operations.

    You can find further information in the official release notes.

    How do I upgrade?

    Existing Server Pro customers

    If you’re an existing Overleaf Server Pro customer find out how to get your new image upgrade for Overleaf Server Pro 3.4.0 here.

    Community Edition users

    For those of you self-hosting our Community Edition you can upgrade via Docker.

    Instructions for installing the Community Edition or upgrading your current installation are available in our Quick Start Guide.

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