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  • Posted by Shelly on November 26, 2015
    Srinidhi Bheesette photo

    Earlier this month we spoke with Shri (Srinidhi Bheesette) who works in the MARS bio-imaging group at the University of Otago. His research group is using Overleaf for collaborative group work to support longer-term knowledge transfer, and in our short interview we find out more about the benefits a cloud-based collaboration platform brings to his group.

  • Posted by Shelly on November 13, 2015

    NOTE: Subsequent to publication of this interview CERN has entered into an agreement with Overleaf to provide free Overleaf Pro+ accounts for all employees—for further information visit Overleaf's dedicated CERN portal.

    Roland Sipos photo

    "Seriously, you guys do an awesome job. Overleaf is one of the most helpful services in my life! Keep up the good work!" – Roland Sipos

    Roland is working on the CMS experiment at the LHC at CERN, on (or rather, underneath) the Franco-Swiss border. We spoke to him recently to find out about his experiences writing his reports and papers on Overleaf.

  • Posted by John on November 10, 2015
    Mike Waddell photo

    "I've used Overleaf to write many papers. It's absolutely amazing. Thanks so much for providing this free service." – Mike Waddell

    That's the kind of email we love to receive!

    Mike, who's an undergraduate Physics and Mathematics senior at Florida International University, got in touch with us after his recent submission to PeerJ PrePrints from Overleaf, and that was the first line in his follow up email.

    Given that he'd enjoyed the experience so much, we naturally took the opportunity to ask him to tell us more about himself and about his experiences of using Overleaf!

  • Posted on August 28, 2015

    Ash Craig Harvard University Photo

    Ashley Craig is a first year graduate student in Economics at Harvard University and is using Overleaf to support his international collaboration with a fellow researcher based in Sydney.

  • Posted by John on August 23, 2015
    Vel, John and John photo

    Vel Gayevskiy, creator of, meets Overleaf founders John and John in London.

    On the 31st July we had the pleasure of going for lunch with Vel Gayevskiy, creator of, who was visiting the UK for a couple of weeks following a Bioinformatics workshop.

    We've known Vel for a number of years and have exchanged many emails but never met in person before this summer! We took this opportunity to ask Vel a few questions about his research, why he decided to create a site for LaTeX templates, and what his plans are for the future.

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