Universidad de Antioquia Thesis Template

John Liaperdos
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Creative Commons CC BY 4.0

Author: John Liaperdos (ioannis.liaperdos@gmail.com)

Last update: April 28, 2015

Description: Provides an example of a PhD Thesis for Universidad de Antioquia using the teipel-thesis-en pdfLaTeX class.

Character encoding: UTF-8

  • use the "modern" or "classic" option to switch between a modern or classic font, respectively.
  • add/remove the "hyperref" option to enable/disable hyperlinks: (remember to remove auxiliary files after adding/removing the "hyperref" option).
  • add/remove the "printer" option to typeset a printer-friendly (grayscale)/color version of the thesis.
  • use the "watermark" option to indicate a draft copy of the thesis
  • use the "histinit" option to enable "historiated initials". (If used, all chapter initials declared by the \InitialCharacter{} macro are enlarged. If ommitted, arguments of \InitialCharacter{} are typeset as normal text.)
  • use the "plain" option to disable tikz graphics in title page and part/chapter headers (might help to avoid compilation timeouts). Note that "plain" disables CD label and CD cover creation.
  • use the "noindex" option to (hopefully) avoid compilation timeouts when compiling online (disables index generation - note that "\indexGR", "\index" invocations need not be removed when toggling this option).
  • use the "frontispiece" option to typeset a frontispiece at the back of the cover page
  • use the `letter' option for a US letter page layout, instead of A4 \documentclass[modern,hyperref,watermark,histinit,frontispiece,plain]{teipel-thesis-en}
Universidad de Antioquia Thesis Template