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To include a figure within an Overleaf document you first have to upload it to your project. Assuming you have loaded the graphicx package into your document preamble:


you specify the (typeset) size of the image using the scale=... option of the \includegraphics command:



  • Note: The following example uses a graphics file (example-image.pdf) provided by the mwe package. Those graphics files are distributed by TeX Live and thus stored on Overleaf's servers, making them available as image placeholders, such as the example below.

Natural size of the image:


Image scaled to 50\%:


Image scaled to 25\%:


 Open this example in Overleaf

This example produces the following output:

How to change the size of an image ion LaTeX

There's also an example of this in our default paper template—try it out by creating a new paper to see how the image frog.jpg is scaled to a fraction of the text width by writing this:


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